Rep. Stacey Newman, Missouri's 87th District

Rep. Stacey Newman, Missouri's 87th District


Friends and Supporters,

It has been a true privilege to represent the 87th district in the Missouri House since 2010, however due to term limits, the 2018 session will be my last.

As a voter just like you, I want our next state representative to represent the progressive values and commitment to social justice that the 87th district has reflected through a strong legacy of champions for decades before me.

So I take my endorsement of candidates very seriously.

As you know, I have been solidly committed to protecting reproductive rights and gun violence prevention for the past 17 years. I want who next represents me to also be focused on keeping elected officials out of women’s private physician offices and to fight for common sense gun prevention. These two issues have been my ultimate passion for a long time and are shared by the majority of Missourians, as well as the majority throughout the country. We cannot afford to go backwards by attacking constitutionally protected rights as well as continue to loosen gun laws and ignore daily gun violence massacres

For that reason, I am strongly endorsing Ian Mackey for State Representative, 87th District in the August 2018 election.

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