Latest News from the Campaign Trail

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Clayton Township Democrats Endorsement | May 23

The Clayton Township Democrats endorsed Ian's campaign for House District 87 in the August 7, 2018 Democratic primary election. The Clayton Township encompasses the western portion of the 87th district and includes parts of the cities of University City, Clayton, Richmond Heights, Ladue and Brentwood. The organization is dedicated to connecting Township Democrats and seeks to inform and engage St. Louis County Clayton Township residents in local, state, and federal politics.

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Hadley Township Democrats Endorsement | April 9

The Hadley Township Democrats endorsed Ian's campaign for House District 87 in the August 7, 2018 Democratic primary election. The Hadley Township encompasses parts of the cities of University City, Clayton and Richmond Heights in HD87. The organization is dedicated to connecting Township Democrats, educating residents on policy issues, energizing candidates and mobilizing voters for endorsed candidates. 


Victory fund endorsement | Jan. 23

I'm proud to share I've earned the endorsement of Victory Fund, the country's largest organization dedicated to electing more LGBTQ candidates for office. They've been longtime supporters of candidates from school board up to the US Senate. It's an honor to be among their esteemed list of 2018 endorsees. “The 2018 election cycle is shaping up to be a historic one for our community – with more openly LGBTQ people running for office in more places,” said Victory Fund President & CEO Annise Parker. “These 23 candidates are values-driven leaders who are committed to advancing equality, but they are equally determined to fight for the bread and butter issues that will improve the lives of constituents in their communities." 

Run for Something Endorsement | Jan. 18

Many of our endorsed candidates running in competitive primaries; many others are running in elections that Democrats haven’t contested in literally decades. They’re all running strong campaigns focused on voter contact, local issues, and authentic connections to their communities. So far in 2018, Run for Something has endorsed 89 progressive millennials running for local office across 25 states — on top of our 93 endorsed candidates in 2017.


rep. newman's endorsement | Nov. 13

It has been a true privilege to represent the 87th District in the Missouri House since 2010, however due to term limits, the 2018 session will be my last. As a voter just like you, I want our next state representative to represent the progressive values and commitment to social justice that the 87th district has reflected through a strong legacy of champions for decades before me. So I take my endorsement of candidates very seriouslyFor that reason, I am strongly endorsing Ian Mackey for State Representative, 87th District in the August 2018 election. Read more.

Letter to the editor | Sept. 18

While last week seems distant in the wake of ongoing demonstrations around the #STLVerdict, I want to call attention to something you may have missed. Republicans in the Missouri legislature failed to override Gov. Greiten’s veto of #HCB3, a bipartisan compromise that would have restored funding for in home care workers for 8,000 Missouri seniors and people with disabilities. Thank you to the Post-Dispatch for giving this issue needed attention. My letter regarding debate on the house floor was published in today's opinion section.

Call to Action on HCB3 | Sept. 13

The majority in the Missouri House today said they cared about seniors and disabled Missourians. They said they "really feel for them." But they refused to override the governor's veto of HCB3 and restore funding for in-home health services - because? Well, because they said it would be futile. They refused to cast override votes because they said: "It wouldn't make a difference." Claiming the governor had sole discretion over his budget, Rep. Engler said the vote would be: "Just for show." Folks like Theresa Moore deserve and explanation, an the Missouri GOP owe one to her.

Testimony before House Children and families committee | June 27

I spoke before the Missouri House Committee on Children and Families to deliver the following message, "don't tread on St. Louis." As state representative, I won't let conservative legislators tread on the rights of Missouri women.